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Getting the Sewing Groove Back

I haven’t felt like sewing in a while.  Or I’ve felt like it and stared at my sewing area and sighed.  A nightmare!

PR (patternreview.com) is having a contest in July for one item sewn with knits.  I figured I’d try and see if would get me moving.  I ordered Jalie 2796 and I plan on making the skort with the short underneath .  I also have a matching top design floating around in my head.  Something sleeveless for summer!  I love Jalies, they acutally go up to my size!

I’ve obtained some light grey and light blue DriFit wicking lycra from Mill End Store (which I’m pretty sure they got from Rose City Textiles as the vendor code started with RCT :))  I have made workout capris from the same stuff in black that I had left over from when I worked at Nike.  Great fabric, not flimsy, and I wear them all the time!  I may have some scraps of other colors in my stash for accents.  I also picked up some reflective piping for accents if needed.

This should be a great project to finish on my new coverstitch machine too.  Poor baby only has had one thing sewn on it! (and I still haven’t got a picture of it).   So lots to do in July!  I’m still waiting on the skort pattern to show up in the mail, so last weekend I got a bit of cleaning done in my sewing room (also my bedroom).  The room is 12×16 so there’s pleny of space.  I really need to get it all de-cluttered this summer so I take a trip to Ikea and get the components to make my dream cutting/storage table.

Some day I’ll make it to Rose City Textiles (RCT) to get more workout fabric.  I have tried two Saturdays and they haven’t been open.  The first time I didn’t know they were only open the first Saturday of the month, the second time was last weekend, and the sign said they’d be open the second Saturday becuase the first Saturday was a holiday weekend.  Blah!  I then ended up going to Fabric Depot, the big Mill End Store and Pendleton Woolen Mill outlet.  I found a few yards of decent wicking fabric at Mill End so I should have a few more months before I try RCT again (and I’ll call first and make sure they’re open!)

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  • Princess Jellylegs

    I’ve been ignoring this poor little blog! Started a new routine today, some serious strength training. I got “The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess” and started the first workout today. My health eating has been going well and with adding some more protein for the strength training, I think I have a handle on it for now.


    Age: 34
    Height: 5′ 7″
    Weight: 221
    Hips: 51″
    Waist: 41″

    Stage 1, Workout A
    Warmup: 5 min ergometer

    A: Squat: 2 sets: (Body Weight) BWx15, BWx15 (with wooden dowel)
    B1: Pushup: 45 degrees, 2 sets: 8, 6
    B2: Seated Row: 2 sets: 30#x15, 45#x15
    C1: Step-Ups (Bench about 8″ high): 2 sets: 16#x15, 16#x15
    C2: Prone Jackknife: 2 sets: 6,8

    Cardio: None. Could barely walk. Princess Jellylegs!
    Stretching: Lots. No walking involved!


    Squat: A lot harder than I thought going in. I was never getting thighs parallel to the floor in group fitness classes. 15 plain old squats with decent form made me huff and puff. I’m going to wait a while to try it with the barbell in the safety rack as I don’t have enough flexibility in my arms and shoulders to hold the bar on my back. (I’ll probably try dumbbell squats first). I did one set with a long wooden dowel I found in the weight room and did some extra stretching with that later. My left side is much worse due to a frozen shoulder I had a few years ago that I never quite got all the range of motion back from.

    Pushup: Done at about 45 degree angle on the counter. Someday I’ll make it to the floor. I can do about 1/2 of one on the floor with my knees down :) Its so much harder when you’re over weight, that’s a lot of pounds to push up!

    Seated Row: Yup. Not terribly exciting. Need to try next weight up next time.

    Step-Ups: Not much to say here either except my legs were feeling like jelly at the end

    Prone Jackknife: I’m sure I gave the boys a good show. I had drug the step for the stepups over to the uncrowded end of the weight room and pulled out a squishy mat and a ball. I couldn’t get my shins on the ball but I got plenty of workout with my thighs on it. I also had to use my fists (on the squishy mat) because of the ganglion cysts in my wrists. I can’t bend them to an appropriate angle to have hands flat on the mat (same with pushups). I thought it would be much more painful on my hands than it was! Yippee!

    I wish there was a step in the Cardio Room, then I wouldn’t feel so stupid doing the jackknifes in the weight room. There’s not much room to maneuver, but I figured since there were already swiss balls in the room, it was ok.

    I go to a community rec center that has a large weight room with free weights, a zillion weight machines, benches, smith machine, and a safety rack. It also has a few swiss balls and small mats. The cardio room has a bunch of different cardio machines, free weights, stretching area.

    Today I was the only female in there the whole 45 min I was there. At least there were no grunting/spitting/dropping weight men there tonight.

    We’ll see how sore I am tomorrow!


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