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    We are meant
    To be
    The hum resonating
    So lethargically
    The remains of the day
    In the tangle of boughs
    And rustle
    Of trees
    In the endless
    Prairie sun
    Looming elusively
    Beyond the horizon
    Of reach
    That we pretend
    To catch
    With our bare hands
    And they say
    The genesis
    Of such sublime
    Is when your eyes
    First meet
    During a fated fluke
    Of fictional feats
    And figurative sparks
    Fly towards the altar
    Housed in the quaint
    Chapel of your

    But I counter
    That organic energy
    Between us
    Came of age
    When we
    To share our world
    An egalitarian affair
    Where compromise
    Dissolved ego
    And we survived
    Our suffering
    By patiently slaying
    Our sorrow
    So I lay here
    With you
    In your sleepy midst
    Realizing that
    We did
    Catch the sun
    After all
    In our prosaic bliss

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