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Dear Jo-Anns

I don’t completely hate you any more.

Reason #1: 14 yards of knits from the clearance at $2.50 at yard. All are mystery cotton/poly jersey plus lycra except the top (probably a cotton/poly interlock). Plenty for lots and lots of (hopefully) wearable muslins.

Reason #2: Pattern Sales. $1 each. (Especially when I accidentally buy one I already have (4076))

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  • New Toy!

    I’ve been wanting a coverstitch machine for about a decade. I finally got one Saturday. The Janome 1000CP can do 3mm or 6mm wide 2-needle coverstitch or 6mm wide 3 needle coverstitch. It has differential feed and there’s a little button to press to lower the bottom looper to make it easier to thread. I love to wear knits, so I’m hoping this will come in handy. I’ve been wanting one since I used one at Nike. So much nicer for knit hems and binding. I went back Sunday and ordered an extension table. You can evidently get industrial binders off ebay and tape or blue-tak them down to the table. They go for $10-20 as opposed to the $95 I saw for one Janome one at the sewing machine store!

    I was near Fabric Depot so I stopped in (40% all fabric) to get some new knits to play on my machine with. This will be my first project, McCalls 5434. It is a wrap knit top with a tie on the side.

    Hopefully I can do most of it with the serger and coverstitch. I may need my sewing machine for the ties.

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  • Gift Sewing

    I’ve been busy sewing this month. Between birthdays and Christmas, there’s a lot of presents to be done!

    I made drawstring backpack/bags for my nieces from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing: Patterns and How-To for 24 Fresh and Easy Projects with Pattern(s). I added a zipper to the pocket and appliquéd their initials. This one has a DKNY zipper pull from my stash. I think it was a sample zipper I obtained up when I worked at Nike. Nice and easy pattern, especially nice after doing lots of hand sewing on the dress below. I attempted to make the drawstrings as the pattern called for, but they didn’t slide well at all through the denim, so I just used some cord. I plan on putting their other gifts in them.

    Christmas Gift for L

    Christmas Gift for L

    For one niece birthday I made this dress for her American Girl doll with a gorgeous cranberry taffeta from the Mill End Store. She wanted something like “Samantha’s Cranberry Party Dress”. The seams in side were bound with Seams Great, much nicer looking and lighter than serging. I put snaps in the back because I couldn’t bear putting velcro on the dress after spending so much time on it. I tacked down all that ribbon too. The pattern is free from infinitefreedom.com . There are matching shoes from a Vogue pattern but I don’t have a picture! Hopefully she brings her doll dressed so I can get a picture.

    Birthday Present for L

    Packing stuff up tonight as I head out to Texas tomorrow. I need to get pictures of the other bag and the Cabbage Patch outfit I made for the other niece. Little girls are fun to sew for!

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  • On-the-Go Knitting Galore

    I’ve finished or photographed a lot of small portable projects recently, all from knitty.com!

    Caliometry perfectly fits over my ears. Need to make more of these, will be great for running in the winter. Yarn is Colinette Candenza in Jay. VERY soft superwash yarn.


    Shedir, made fall 2006, photgraphed after a year of wear. Very soft! Made out of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. The yarn held up better than expected, probably because it doesn’t roughed up on my head. It is a little bit too long, but I love it. I just love cables!


    And the infamous Clapotis. Made very narrow for scarf. Needs blocking. Also in Colinette Candenza in Jay.

    clapotis in progress

    I’m also on ravelry as akimbo. (registration required)

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  • Label Me

    Look what arrived in the mail today! I ordered these about a month ago. There are custom woven sew-in labels from http://namemaker.com. I’m looking forward to putting these in my creations.


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  • Finally Something To Show

    Finally finished something… a skirt! After being sick for practically the whole month, I needed something quick and fast to get me back in the sewing groove. It should be nice and cool for summer.

    This is Simplicity 4197, view F, in a yarn-dyed striped linen/rayon blend from Joanns. The regular size version is Simplicity 4189. It is a super easy bias skirt with elastic waistband. There were only two pattern pieces for view F, and looking at it finished, I should have just made them into one. The stripes were never going to line up (not that I tried).


    This skirt is great for me as I’m losing weight (down 27 pounds as of today) because the bias will just hang it little lower when it has less stuff to hang off of! Also, the elastic waistband should be easy to replace with something smaller when I need it, but with elastic and bias fabric, it should last me a while. Here’s the whole view (and my new B�rn shoes!). I’m still too squishy to wear a shirt un-tucked :

    The Reason I Don't Tuck In My Shirts

    Here is a bag I also finished…

    Grocery Bag

    I copied my Trader Joes canvas grocery bag. Basically it is an unlined bag with straps. I stupidly made it out of stretch twill (thank you, Dayquil) but it made up with out too much trouble. The fabric is a cotton stretch twill remnant. It is a nice lightweight grocery bag. I plan to make more with some canvas like home dec fabric I have lying around. You can never have too many bags!

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  • 7-Steps Wardrobe Audit

    This is a great article on methodically cleaning out your closet. From Bremer Communications. One more thing I need to do- my clothes are piled all over my house!

    If you feel like you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, you’re not alone. The garments hanging in your closet represent an investment of several thousand dollars. But studies have shown that only twenty-percent of an individual’s wardrobe is purchased wisely; eighty- to ninety-percent of a closet represents a waste of money…

    Full Article

    Found via elegantcouture.blogspot.com

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  • Obsession of the Week

    Burda World of Fashion, May 2007. Coming to me via ebay. I just subscribed through glpnews.com but had to get this month’s issue because I’m obsessing about this blouse. Its a PLUS SIZE TOO!

    123b Plus Size Wrapped Blouse 123b Plus Size Wrapped Blouse Technical Drawing

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  • I’m tired of waking up tired

    I’m tired of waking up tired

    (Waking up tired)

    Yeah, waking up tired!

    I’m tired of waking up tired

    (Waking up tired)

    Yeah, waking up tired!

    Too much time to kill, it’s killing me.

    The Diodes

    I’ve been all kinds of ill for about 4 weeks. Sinus headaches, a migraine, vertigo (still have) and a nasty cold. I’m still coughing up junk and have a drippy nose (I’m on day 11 of this cold). I also have not worked out in 16 days (at least I’m still losing weight!).

    This weekend is hopefully more rest and recuperation. I’m so whacked out by the end of the week due to not sleeping well because of coughing.

    I’m dying to do some sewing, but have been so worn out just with taking care of everyday needs. I’m also heading to Texas to see the family in early June and have to prepare for that. Fortunately, a new suitcase has been ordered and the old one thrown in the dumpster. It had an unfortunate incident with my Gingher shears as I had to cut the thing open in haste as the zipper broke right as I was doing the last zip up and trying to head out the door to catch a plane to Canada in January.

    That’s all the whining for now.

    For sewing, I need to finish a Mother’s Day present (Can’t post here, its a secret!).

    I have a few NASA t-shirts I’d like to refashion for working out.

    On my cutting table I have a Simplicity 4020 wrap version cut out and basted. I have no idea if this will come out or not, as I attempted to alter it up to my bust size. I’m using a solid dark magenta, probably polyester, mystery knit from my stash.

    Simplicity 4020

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  • Wardrobe Refashion At Last

    Before I got so busy the first week of my pledge that I had nothing but ideas running around my head. Last weekend I attempted a knit top out of a knit sheet, but the top looked absolutely horrible on me. So I didn’t finish it. I was quite proud of the great sewing job I did, but there was no saving the top from making me look more dumpy. (It was Simplicity 3983 view E). I don’t even have the heart to take a picture. I’d rather just move on to new projects…

    After This weekend I attacked one of three blouses I have of the same style, in different Pucci-esque prints. They are all about 2 sizes too big for me. I really like the way they are styled, with the wrap looking top and draped bottom that covers my tummy. One problem is they were too low cut and I always had to wear a camisole underneath. Problem solved with the addition of a band around the neckline. I bought a 1/4 yard of black peachskin that was really close to the fiber and hand of the orginal fabric. I took apart the blouse and attached a band to the neck line and the sleeves.

    After - Side View This week I hope to get some exercise clothes made/remade. I have some men’s NASA tshirts I’d like to refashion into something more feminine and the workout capris I made last month are already too big!

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