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Blue Moon Fiber Arts Raven Stash

These are my remaining Raven colorways was from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Yum. I have four skeins of Woobu, the rest I only have one.

1. Woobu in Thraven, 2. Luscious Single Silk - Thraven, 3. Socks that Rock mediumweight - Corbie, 4. Silkie Socks that Rock - Tlingit, 5. Socks that Rock heavyweight - Rook-y, 6. Socks That Rock Mediumweight Thraven

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Raven Stash

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  • Warp Speed

    Started Monday night. They’re currently about 2 inches longer than this picture. The Spiraling Master Coriolis socks from Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One. Yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight Raven Clan color Haida. Yummy dark black and blue color, but stains my fingers. Washes off easily at least. Must remember to wash socks before wearing! I also joined the new Knit-Purl Sock Club. (Thank you economic stimulus check!)

    Raven Clan Haida

    Maybe this should be a photo blog, I never seem to have much to say!

    Coriolis Socks

    I love me some magic loop.

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  • A finished object! The “Boyfriend Socks” in size US 0 (SO TINY) that took me 4 months. They fit, I’m happy. These shoes fit my skinny feet better now too! The yarn is ShibuiKnits Sock in color Midnight purchased from Knit/Purl. The temperature is supposed to hit 70 today. Why not wear some wool socks?!


    The The

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  • Adventures In Swatches

    Uses for Orange yarn… Swatches! I had a migraine while knitting this. It is horrible all around. Yarn is KnitPicks Swish worsted (I think). Lace pattern from the Sun Ray Shawl on Elann. This is not an accurate swatch of the lace. I moved things around in my migraine befuddled knitting. I did discover how to not do SSKs, but not doing them at all! Just knit the two loops as normal on that row then do a SSP over those on the next row (the wrong side). I need to investigate other ways to SSKs because mine really, truly are ugly.

    These swatches are for an afghan. I started it a long time ago in cables, but it is just too heavy. Need something with pattern that is not girly-lacy (more manly!).


    Swach #2 in a really similar lace pattern. Taken from an Adirenne Vittadini pattern book. (Don’t remember off the top of my head). Ignore the horrible K1P1 ribbing at the top. I was too lazy to do it proper. (Also can’t make ribbing look right in my normal continental knitting style). I re-figured the chart to put the SSPs on the purl row, instead of SSKs. The middle section has the SSPs, the top and bottom sections have K2TOGs, which don’t look horrible, but aren’t quite as nice as the SSPs. Part of the problem is this yarn. KnitPicks Main Line, which is 75% cotton 25% wool. It probably would look better blocked. I hate the way my knitting looks in cotton yarn, but this isn’t as bad as 100% cotton yarn. The original cabled afghan started out in this. I need to get some pictures. I think I’m going to switch to KnitPicks Comfy, as it is machine washable. The Main Line can be used for a summer sweater or something! Hmm. I never have gotten around to making a ChicKnits Eyelet Cardi!

    Afghan test swatch.

    Next I’m going to try a swatch of the Voyager Lace Stole.  I love the way the lace makes the wavy edges.  I could basically just size up the stole pattern for an afghan, leaving off the picot edgings on each end.

    Color Test Swatch

    Finally, a swatch from Annie Modesitt’s New Directions in Color class.  My first attempt ever at colorwork.  I thought it was more hideous in class, but it is not so horrible looking to me now.

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  • Yarn Harlot Videos

    I finally posted them in vimeo.  The first two are my favorites, and yes, that’s me “singing” along during the song :)  Other people were too, they just weren’t next to my camera!  I was sitting almost half way back and all I could get with the 12x optical zoom was her head, not that you could see the rest of her behind the podium.

    Millie the Mouser from akimbo on Vimeo.

    Yarn Harlot Serenade from akimbo on Vimeo.

    Inexplicable from akimbo on Vimeo.

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  • Inexplicable Knitting Behavior

    Pictures are here from tonight’s knitting talk by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot. Click for larger ones on flickr. Fun night, I got there about 1.5 hours early and about 1/3 of the seats were taken. There most have been over 500 knitters there. I bought her new book and a special Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock lightweight sock yarn colorway: Knitters Without Borders. I’m too sleepy to write anything else. I didn’t stay to get my book signed, 3 hours on my butt in a chair was enough. Lots of lovely nice knitters there! Stephanie was as hilarious as her books.

    I also have video of a few bits of Stephanie and the song at the end. I’m not posting those publicly yet, I think I want to find out if it’s okay first. (From whom, I’m not sure!) If you’re interested, email me at akimboATonthefritzDOTorg and I’ll give you the link and password. Videos in this post.

    The Yarn Harlot - Inexplicable KnitterMore Inexplicable Knitting BehaviorInexplicable Knitting Behavior Boyfriend Socks

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  • The Beginning of a Knit-tastic Week

    No Mean Feet! 1st and 3rd Monday night Sock knitting at Knit-Purl. Sock Monkey is Kaaren’s (in bottom pick), fresh from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Camp (jealous!). This week includes Yarn Harlot Tuesday at the World Forestry Center for a book reading and signing. It’s on my way home, how could I not go! This weekend Annie Modesitt will be in town and I’m taking her Colorwork class Sunday and probably Combination Knitting on Friday night depending on my schedule. I’ve never taken a class (I taught my self to knit from books) and I enjoy Annie’s blog, so this ought to be a FUN week!

    No Mean Feet Socks

    Kaaren and her awesome Sock Monkey:

    Karen and her Sock Monkey!

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  • Dear Jo-Anns

    I don’t completely hate you any more.

    Reason #1: 14 yards of knits from the clearance at $2.50 at yard. All are mystery cotton/poly jersey plus lycra except the top (probably a cotton/poly interlock). Plenty for lots and lots of (hopefully) wearable muslins.

    Reason #2: Pattern Sales. $1 each. (Especially when I accidentally buy one I already have (4076))

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  • New Toy!

    I’ve been wanting a coverstitch machine for about a decade. I finally got one Saturday. The Janome 1000CP can do 3mm or 6mm wide 2-needle coverstitch or 6mm wide 3 needle coverstitch. It has differential feed and there’s a little button to press to lower the bottom looper to make it easier to thread. I love to wear knits, so I’m hoping this will come in handy. I’ve been wanting one since I used one at Nike. So much nicer for knit hems and binding. I went back Sunday and ordered an extension table. You can evidently get industrial binders off ebay and tape or blue-tak them down to the table. They go for $10-20 as opposed to the $95 I saw for one Janome one at the sewing machine store!

    I was near Fabric Depot so I stopped in (40% all fabric) to get some new knits to play on my machine with. This will be my first project, McCalls 5434. It is a wrap knit top with a tie on the side.

    Hopefully I can do most of it with the serger and coverstitch. I may need my sewing machine for the ties.

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  • Gift Sewing

    I’ve been busy sewing this month. Between birthdays and Christmas, there’s a lot of presents to be done!

    I made drawstring backpack/bags for my nieces from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing: Patterns and How-To for 24 Fresh and Easy Projects with Pattern(s). I added a zipper to the pocket and appliquéd their initials. This one has a DKNY zipper pull from my stash. I think it was a sample zipper I obtained up when I worked at Nike. Nice and easy pattern, especially nice after doing lots of hand sewing on the dress below. I attempted to make the drawstrings as the pattern called for, but they didn’t slide well at all through the denim, so I just used some cord. I plan on putting their other gifts in them.

    Christmas Gift for L

    Christmas Gift for L

    For one niece birthday I made this dress for her American Girl doll with a gorgeous cranberry taffeta from the Mill End Store. She wanted something like “Samantha’s Cranberry Party Dress”. The seams in side were bound with Seams Great, much nicer looking and lighter than serging. I put snaps in the back because I couldn’t bear putting velcro on the dress after spending so much time on it. I tacked down all that ribbon too. The pattern is free from infinitefreedom.com . There are matching shoes from a Vogue pattern but I don’t have a picture! Hopefully she brings her doll dressed so I can get a picture.

    Birthday Present for L

    Packing stuff up tonight as I head out to Texas tomorrow. I need to get pictures of the other bag and the Cabbage Patch outfit I made for the other niece. Little girls are fun to sew for!

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