Saturday was the second and last day (I don’t think I could have taken any more!) of the PR Weekend. It was shopping day! We all got on a school bus at 8am and went to Fabric Depot(before they opened to the masses!), then downtown to Josesphine’s Dry Goods and the Button Emporium.  Last stop was the big Mill End Store, then back to the hotel for wind-down margaritas (looooved)  then Flying Pie pizza (yum) and show and tell.

Judging by my goodies, I should now be called Aqua-Girl.

Fabric Depot (left to right): Press clothes, Merino wool jersey, thread, cotton(?) interlock black and white border print, Tailor’s Wax, charcoal interlock, Alexander Henry black and white print with sewing notions, Micheal Miller small black and white cotton print, broadcloth, white ambiance lining.


Mill End Store (left to right): Mystery sweater knit from Annex, Bamboo knit, jersey knit from the Annex, Supplex knit for activewear, charcoal cotton/lycra “leotard” knit


Here’s half the width of the interlock border print.  The print is mirrored on the other side.  I got 3 yards to do something with. What that is I don’t know :)   I figured that would be more than enough to work with the big pattern.


The Alexander Henry sewing notion print called “Sew Now! Sew Wow!”.  My machines needs some covers!  Would also be neat as an ironing board cover!


Micheal Miller print called “Petite Fleur”.  The woven cotton is of a really nice quality.  I’m foreseeing a summer blouse.


I didn’t pick any fabric up a Josephine’s as I’d been there the week before.  What I really wanted from there was a Liberty print but I really couldn’t bring myself to buy it at $39/yard (then 20% off).  I did get the Flounce about Jacket pattern on the left.  Josephine’s had one made up and it looked really nice.  The two Simplicity patterns were freebies from a pile some ladies brought for giveaway Friday night and the book was my prize for participating in the ugly fabric contest.


After two 12+ hour days, I’m glad it’s over but boy did I have fun.  I may have to save up for the next one, wherever that ends up being!  Now I need to start planning what to make out of all my new knits!