I think I forgot to wrapup after the 30 day challenge! Summary: 6.5 pounds lost.  (I could have done better)  I got lazy at the end (shocker!).  I really enjoyed it and I think I’ll try it again in January, after the holidays!

I did get this done yesterday… very little processing done on it.  Wandered down to the Eastbank Esplande with Devin to attempt to get some sunset shots.  The sunset we pretty uneventful but we stayed a while later on a floating pier and kept shooting long exposures.  This was probably 45 min after sunset.  30 sec exposure at f/29.  I love the blues.  You can click and go to the flickr page and see bigger versions.  I’m so happy with it!!!!!!

Hawthorne Bridge and Downtown Portland

And here’s a very short video.  No set up… i just heard the geese coming and hit the video button.