Brief medical update: Biopsies clear… No Celiac! And no weird stuff, just run-of-the-mill stomach ulcer!

Thanks for all the comments… I feel bad about not responding to them all, I feel like all I’ve been doing all week is cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping! (and blogging about it all…)

End of day 5 tonight (friday).  Down 3.5 pounds this week.  

Day 4 was Beef Stewy stuff.  The calorie/fat count was high but didn’t end up eating it all anyway.  I’d make it again, but redo with ground turkey or mix with the beef to get the fat down. (I’d also probably just do the meat separately then drain or wash off the fat). I’d also add the veggies later, they were mush when it was done.

The 1/4 cup red wine really gave a nice flavor.  Bascially I just sauteed the onions, added the beef and browned it, then threw in the bouillon, veggies, barley, some dried rosemary and 2 cups water.  Then I let it simmer for about an hour while checking that I didn’t burn it. Finished off with some cornstarch to thicken what juice was left.  It came out edible, which is about all I can ask for…  too much sodium in the bouillon though.  I may tweak it again in a few weeks and post a real recipe.

No exercise on day 4… even forgot the push ups!

Day 5 is my favorite dish so far. It’s a variation on a Chicken and Black Bean cassarole my mom makes.  I made it not a cassarole, and chopped up the chicken and browned it in a pan instead of raw in the cassarole dish (which makes it watery anyway).  I had a cheese craving, so this was great.  I just browned the cut-up chicken in a skillet, added a jar of salsa, a drained can of black beans, and some drained corn and stirred it up.  Then put it in plastic containers with ripped corn toritllas and cheese.  The sourcream was in a tiny separate container for topping after heating up at work.  So easy so yum! and could be easily modified for macros.  It would be good with peppers too, if you like them (I don’t!).

Skillet Chicken and Black Beans Day: (my attempt at recipe is here)

Day 5 exercise: treadmill fast walking.  Two sets of pushups (I keep forgetting, need to add to calendar reminders).

Day 6 (today): More beef stew.  Lots of walking. Down another pound. 

Saturday Wrap-Up

Weight loss (since Monday): 4.5 pounds. woo!


Need more! I have all this weekend’s food already made, so I have no excuese on the weekend. I spent so much time cooking and shopping and cleaning this week, I didn’t get a lot of exercise in.


Usually ended up eating like this: 9:30am 12pm 3:30pm 9pm.

Most of the days I found it really hard to eat all the food (which sounds so totally crazy to me). I just wasn’t hungry when I got home from work. I’d have the munchies all afternoon but not at night. Several nights I made myself finish while making the next days food (about 8-9pm). I may try setting less aside for the evening and add another part to the afternoon.

Next week I plan on making the Pumpkin Pancakes and some Turkey bacon. I’m also really wanting to try some version of these meatballs: Apple Cheddar and Turkey Meatballs. Bonus: made in a crockpot!

Stuff I need to work on:

  • Spread out afternoon meals
  • Leave less for dinner
  • DOUBLE recipes, spend less time in kitchen
  • Remember to do pushups
  • Spend less time at grocery stores, plan more ahead of time!
  • I hate to say it, spend less time blogging about this and reading blogs. Need more time on weeknights to do stuff like exercise!
  • Less fake sugar.  I managed to cut it down to 4 splenda packets this week.

Interesting note: my refeed day falls on Super Tuesday! There may be some alcohol involved!

Parting shot from the Portland Japanese Garden this morning: