Survived day 2! Didn’t eat all the food.  I’m guessing the combo of the garlic sauce and fish oil pills just left me with bad taste in my mouth all day.  I ended up tossing the last third and eating a handful of peanuts and a tiny square of chocolate!  There’s a few ideas on the forums on how to deal with the fish oil, I’ll have to find something that works.

Just finished day 3 tonight.  I ate it all, the last third at 9:10 pm.  I almost forgot about it, I wasn’t hungry!  I was fighting the afternoon munchies though.  May save smaller portions for dinner next time.

Treadmilled 30 min fast walk yesterday until my complained, walked 25 min today from work.  Need to get another pair of running shoes to leave at work so I have no excuses.

Today’s food (yum!)  The sugar was used in some black tea.

Just made 2 pots of a beef stew like thing with lots of veggies and barley.  After all the chicken and turkey I’ve had, I crave beef!  I figured if I made 2 dishes Wed. night and two Thur. Night I’d at least have Friday and Saturday nights off cooking.  Maybe a chicken/blackbean/salsa dish tomorrow.  I got some fat free sour cream and fat free mozzarella.  I’m making myself hungry now!