Day 1 of the 30 day challenge: Survived.  

Temptations Resisted: free french fries and cookies.

Misstep: 1 packet splend in vanilla black tea that tasted nasty without.  I have such a sweet tooth :( 

Sucesses: ate all the food, last bit at 8:45 while making today’s food.  Drank probably 138 oz of water and visited the bathroom a lot.

Exercise: 2 sets of max pushups on a chair in the ladies lounge, 4 each.  Walked down hill from work to streetcar: 25 min.  Still taking it slow because of my lower back, but I took no painkillers yesterday and only 1 muscle relaxer.  I’m taking nothing today and see if I am pain free too.

Down 1.5 pounds this morning!

Here’s Day 2’s food.  A little high on the protein, but I had a whole package of chicken in the freezer weighed before frozen and it was late and I was too lazy or thrifty to weigh it down.  I’ll probably use up my extra 72 calories on a little raw sugar in my tea.

I really like the Sun Luck Black Bean Garlic Sauce now that I’ve figured out how to use it.  It is really not a sauce but a concentrate.  About 1 Tbsp per serving is all I need, any more and the flavor is just too strong.  I dilute it in water then at the end of my stir fry, put in some water and corn starch (about 1 Tbsp per serving) to thicken it up so it sticks to everything.

There will be treadmilling tonight while doing laundry at the BFs.  I’m desparate to watch Sunday’s Mad Men…  It’s on my ipod, taunting me.  Must resist and only watch intersting stuff while working out :)