I’ve been ignoring this poor little blog! Started a new routine today, some serious strength training. I got “The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess” and started the first workout today. My health eating has been going well and with adding some more protein for the strength training, I think I have a handle on it for now.


Age: 34
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 221
Hips: 51″
Waist: 41″

Stage 1, Workout A
Warmup: 5 min ergometer

A: Squat: 2 sets: (Body Weight) BWx15, BWx15 (with wooden dowel)
B1: Pushup: 45 degrees, 2 sets: 8, 6
B2: Seated Row: 2 sets: 30#x15, 45#x15
C1: Step-Ups (Bench about 8″ high): 2 sets: 16#x15, 16#x15
C2: Prone Jackknife: 2 sets: 6,8

Cardio: None. Could barely walk. Princess Jellylegs!
Stretching: Lots. No walking involved!


Squat: A lot harder than I thought going in. I was never getting thighs parallel to the floor in group fitness classes. 15 plain old squats with decent form made me huff and puff. I’m going to wait a while to try it with the barbell in the safety rack as I don’t have enough flexibility in my arms and shoulders to hold the bar on my back. (I’ll probably try dumbbell squats first). I did one set with a long wooden dowel I found in the weight room and did some extra stretching with that later. My left side is much worse due to a frozen shoulder I had a few years ago that I never quite got all the range of motion back from.

Pushup: Done at about 45 degree angle on the counter. Someday I’ll make it to the floor. I can do about 1/2 of one on the floor with my knees down :) Its so much harder when you’re over weight, that’s a lot of pounds to push up!

Seated Row: Yup. Not terribly exciting. Need to try next weight up next time.

Step-Ups: Not much to say here either except my legs were feeling like jelly at the end

Prone Jackknife: I’m sure I gave the boys a good show. I had drug the step for the stepups over to the uncrowded end of the weight room and pulled out a squishy mat and a ball. I couldn’t get my shins on the ball but I got plenty of workout with my thighs on it. I also had to use my fists (on the squishy mat) because of the ganglion cysts in my wrists. I can’t bend them to an appropriate angle to have hands flat on the mat (same with pushups). I thought it would be much more painful on my hands than it was! Yippee!

I wish there was a step in the Cardio Room, then I wouldn’t feel so stupid doing the jackknifes in the weight room. There’s not much room to maneuver, but I figured since there were already swiss balls in the room, it was ok.

I go to a community rec center that has a large weight room with free weights, a zillion weight machines, benches, smith machine, and a safety rack. It also has a few swiss balls and small mats. The cardio room has a bunch of different cardio machines, free weights, stretching area.

Today I was the only female in there the whole 45 min I was there. At least there were no grunting/spitting/dropping weight men there tonight.

We’ll see how sore I am tomorrow!