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Poeticizing everything since 2012.

    Polaroid A.M.

    It is a wilderness out here
    from sea to peak
    the ocean speaks
    louder than words

    our collective verve
    travels on the wings
    of a crescendoing wind
    rustling our hair
    like scattered leaves
    of a maple

    draping ourselves
    in a veil of dew
    rising like espresso plumes
    our bodies mold
    to the asymmetry
    of driftwood
    like fire clay

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    Warrior Pose


    A fire is smoldering
    from within
    as she begins
    to harness
    the power
    inside of her.

    She is now
    a warrior
    learning the ways
    of the sword,
    while her arms
    for her

    means freedom;
    her spirit soars
    Orion’s bow
    like an arrow
    into the cross winds
    above a crashing

    — 5 days ago with 43 notes

    We howl at the moon
    hinged lazily in April dusk
    our voices rush
    through the lonely ravine
    a tree-lined free rhyme
    amphitheatre dream
    weaving through leaves
    we echo our pleas
    into the hollow bowl

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    cdxx →


    We puffed
    and passed
    a high
    tasting of cedar
    & spice
    as our backs
    the block of iced
    graffiti brick
    outside of the club.

    Speaking in tongues,
    our minds meandered
    to the ris-
    ing moon
    climbing the sky
    like a mountaineer
    the last frontier
    of a breathless

    — 1 week ago with 36 notes


    Our bodies
    bend and sway
    in tandem - pulsing
    in perfect timing
    our exhales swirling
    freely in mint and ice
    tracing the world around us
    as we dance with arms
    wrapped like ribbons
    around one another
    feeling so safe
    in our moonlit reverie

    — 1 week ago with 40 notes

    Barefoot beneath the stars
    I close my eyes and feel my toes
    savour every grain of sand
    uniting granite and quartz
    after centuries of travel
    easing the tension
    in my psyche

    I marvel at the infinite sky
    not a beginning nor end in sight
    to manipulate the strings of time
    tracing each cloud and star
    with a single stroke
    realizing that
    this continuum
    is cathartic

    Sitting cross-legged on the shore
    I listen closely to the ocean roar
    echoing songs of other worlds
    I meditate on the Pacific breeze
    history has now come and gone
    like sandcastles
    washed away
    at sea

    — 1 week ago with 13 notes
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    is going the way
    of the stars
    and I’m at a loss
    as I toss
    and turn
    trying to find
    the perfect words
    to narrate this page.

    Will my poetry
    in thin air?
    coming into focus
    like pixels
    each part
    of the whole.

    It is a gift
    we all share,
    our inspiration
    our voice
    within the confines
    of our pen,
    ink stains revealing
    each blemish
    and heartbeat
    behind our

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    — 1 week ago with 32 notes

    Slow motion flows
    from the tips of our fingertips
    to our fountain of limbs
    swimming in synchrony
    in an ocean of intimacy
    rippling between
    iambic beat
    of our hearts

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    Our art
    is a sacrament
    of ourselves.
    We delve deep
    beyond the realm
    of skin and bones
    finding something
    to share,
    in a world of smoke
    and mirrors,
    unraveling every layer
    of pain
    in the name of creation.
    For if we deny ourselves
    this canvas
    this notebook
    this voice,
    we will decay —
    descending into the darkness
    we know too well,
    where idle minds
    into a prison
    of our self

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    — 2 weeks ago with 51 notes

    It all amounts to a great exhale
    and a pint of ale
    when we leave ourselves - behind
    for just
    a moment.

    — 2 weeks ago with 24 notes
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