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Poeticizing everything since 2012.

    Your eyes are irises 
    on a moonless night
    clouds billowing shrouds
    of dreams 
    casting shadows 
    as darkness streams
    between cracks 
    of light
    your body beams 
    in fractal seas
    waves of night
    whilst heartbeats 
    ‘til calls of Om are heard
    our breath will stir

    — 6 hours ago with 10 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 

    She dances into dusk
    shadows silhouetting shadows
    shaking limbs like trees
    hinged on nothing and everything
    she is eased by the silence
    moving weightlessly 
    in the liquid of dawn
    her body sways in winds
    of a morning yawn
    seizing the only time
    when sun and moon 
    the rise 
    of spirits 
    she feels
    the line is blurred
    what we dream
    and what is real

    — 2 days ago with 12 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 


    with waves rolling deep
    the ocean never sleeps
    seeping life onto shores
    roaring towards 
    igneous floors

    we connect 

    like a puzzle 
    beneath the stars
    salt tasting lips
    humidity drips 
    from skin tingling
    fingertips wriggling
    we sigh
    in unison
    the moon rise

    — 3 days ago with 20 notes


    We linger in the night —
    our backs molding
    shapes in the sand
    like shadows
    our innermost secrets.

    on the ancient sky,
    we fly
    through intricate designs
    of constellations —
    ghosts of fallen gods
    retelling tales
    of triumph and woe.

    The beach flows
    into the corridors
    of our secret temple;
    your fingertips graze
    my tingling face
    as we embark
    on an all-night journey
    to sunset.

    — 3 days ago with 34 notes

    Winds tremble in an Arctic layer 
    of frost - biting
    cheeks and lips with October’s breath cooing in a bass clef stride
    our sternums collide while bodies align 
    arms dangle in infinite rings
    we hold on 
    to that thing
    that brings us
    to life

    — 6 days ago with 9 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 

    rumble and hum
    drumming it on
    at my window
    a syncopated dance
    of rain
    and never in vain
    a rhythmic refrain
    of trance
    soothesayers remain
    by the rhythm’s edge
    we look to the West
    for yesterday

    — 1 week ago with 10 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #creative writing  #spilled ink  #poets on tumblr 

    I feel the Pacific gale
    wrap me in an autumn chill,

    carrying your memory 
    across seas and hills,

    ribboning like a scarf
    draped in yesteryear,

    the willows come to life
    once your enigma appears,

    I don’t believe in ghosts
    but perhaps afterlife is near,

    when the moon eclipses sun
    I know you are here.

    — 1 week ago with 15 notes
    #poetry  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 


    I follow
    the thin trail of stars
    an aging sky
    like memories
    from a distant world

    marking time
    like crow’s feet
    etching wisdom
    into the epidermal layer
    of life
    — meditating
    on the only certainty
    I will ever know —

    there will always
    a beginning
    and an end
    to it all

    the cycle unfolding
    the same
    stretch of sky

    — 1 week ago with 30 notes

    I hear the murmur of time —

    through midnight breath
    as darkness crept
    in sighs

    technicolor dreams
    the subconsious streams
    in rhyme

    our serotonin flight
    we aim for the sky

    — 2 weeks ago with 12 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 

    We follow the sound of the sea,
    a susurrus release
    to the brink
    of peace

    our bodies ease
    now sandcastles
    bending and molding
    to every wave,
    the stars adorning our shape
    as we meld 
    in the shore’s wake

    — 2 weeks ago with 22 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 

    Obsidian sky 
    steeped in a melancholic chai
    of poetry
    so imperfect are the rhymes
    the symmetry
    like crow’s feet walking the line 
    across her skin
    the darkness swims 
    on the fringes of the surreal
    and sin
    whilst the wind wildly sings
    the score
    of this midnight allure
    beneath every woeful roar
    of this trembling hour

    — 3 weeks ago with 35 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 

    You are a shapeshifter
    a moon whisperer
    only emerging 
    in the dead of night

    You sing the sleight of hand blues
    vibrato ringing in the tombs
    lest we forgot
    souls who are lost in the stars

    Your body is the wind
    wings airborne in a whim
    the time has now come
    for your metamorphosis into the sky

    — 3 weeks ago with 64 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 
    We are encountering one another
    upon a blanket of wilted leaves
    warming one another 
    amidst the first freeze
    the sky is shaded charcoal
    and the air carries
    the remains of espresso and smoke
    lingering from the last flint 
    of a chimney’s choke
    still smouldering
    we stoke the fire between us
    your hand feels smooth like a river stone
    rolling down the rapids of my bare skin
    our destiny begins to swim
    towards one another
    beneath just one star and one moon
    this moment is now consumed 
    by only us
    — 4 weeks ago with 21 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 

    She wears a full moon jacket
    embroidered in astroids and stars
    gazing at a truth so close
    but yet so far
    her eyes are the story 
    of a mighty bang
    where genesis hangs 
    in the balance
    between mythology and truth
    she bids farewell to the sky
    while the night takes her youth

    — 4 weeks ago with 23 notes
    #poetry  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #free verse  #poets on tumblr 


    When the sun 
    is at your feet
    not rising
    in full bloom
    like Apollo

    a world
    and tilted
    on a wrong axis
    a praxis of dysfunction
    in practice is truth

    as balance
    is sought
    in namastes
    and fought
    by warriors
    we release
    our misgivings 
    of peace

    through hymns
    and psalms through wind
    we hover 
    with fingertips 
    within grasp 

    — 4 weeks ago with 37 notes