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Poeticizing everything since 2012.

    Obsidian sky 
    steeped in a melancholic chai
    of poetry
    so imperfect are the rhymes
    the symmetry
    like crow’s feet walking the line 
    across her skin
    the darkness swims 
    on the fringes of the surreal
    and sin
    whilst the wind wildly sings
    the score
    of this midnight allure
    beneath every woeful roar
    of this trembling hour

    — 3 days ago with 32 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 

    You are a shapeshifter
    a moon whisperer
    only emerging 
    in the dead of night

    You sing the sleight of hand blues
    vibrato ringing in the tombs
    lest we forgot
    souls who are lost in the stars

    Your body is the wind
    wings airborne in a whim
    the time has now come
    for your metamorphosis into the sky

    — 4 days ago with 39 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 
    We are encountering one another
    upon a blanket of wilted leaves
    warming one another 
    amidst the first freeze
    the sky is shaded charcoal
    and the air carries
    the remains of espresso and smoke
    lingering from the last flint 
    of a chimney’s choke
    still smouldering
    we stoke the fire between us
    your hand feels smooth like a river stone
    rolling down the rapids of my bare skin
    our destiny begins to swim
    towards one another
    beneath just one star and one moon
    this moment is now consumed 
    by only us
    — 1 week ago with 20 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 

    She wears a full moon jacket
    embroidered in astroids and stars
    gazing at a truth so close
    but yet so far
    her eyes are the story 
    of a mighty bang
    where genesis hangs 
    in the balance
    between mythology and truth
    she bids farewell to the sky
    while the night takes her youth

    — 1 week ago with 22 notes
    #poetry  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #free verse  #poets on tumblr 


    When the sun 
    is at your feet
    not rising
    in full bloom
    like Apollo

    a world
    and tilted
    on a wrong axis
    a praxis of dysfunction
    in practice is truth

    as balance
    is sought
    in namastes
    and fought
    by warriors
    we release
    our misgivings 
    of peace

    through hymns
    and psalms through wind
    we hover 
    with fingertips 
    within grasp 

    — 1 week ago with 37 notes


    Balanced is achieved
    in threes.

    twisting out 
    melting away 
    in slow

    Chakras aligned 
    in a triangle 
    of breath
    from root
    to heart
    to crown
    — mind, body, spirit
    in a metaphysical 
    of peace.

    — 1 week ago with 28 notes

    Rice paper sky
    into lo-fi chords 
    of rain
    drip the refrain 
    the dreary remains
    of a day

    our exhales
    hang precariously
    in mid-air
    like spirits billowing
    in despair
    as we watch
    the summer

    we shiver
    every layer
    on our bare skin
    our hearts begin
    to rattle against
    our chainlink chest
    clavicles shake in unrest
    as autumn peaks in the West

    — 1 week ago with 9 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 

    I wish you were here 
    to see me now

    a daughter
    a warrior
    a woman

    through every line break
    of my story

    for something
    in this world 
    without you

    I long 
    for even a glimpse
    of who
    you once were 

    a mother
    a warrior
    a phoenix

    an eagle
    forever soaring
    in my world

    a figure
    as innate as breath
    who will always be
    — You
    in life
    and beyond 

    — 2 weeks ago with 14 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 

    Thoughts are just a whisper
    at this hour,
    as silence becomes the space
    filling every crevice like stars,
    punctuating distant skies
    with constellations 
    of life.

    We fly
    to the edge of our lives,
    our spirits dangle 
    from such great heights,
    precariously levitating
    on just a hope
    and a dream.

    It all seems 
    - these years
    once a lifetime,
    now a denouement
    of what 
    it all means.

    — 2 weeks ago with 35 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 

    September slips into the cracks
    of clavicles and scarves,
    nature at large,
    as leaves scatter in mosaic shards,
    abstract - yet a familiar design
    of harvest moons and autumn skies
    while endless days - surrender 
    to a reign of night
    - falling
    like the curtain call
    of summer’s 
    final rites

    — 2 weeks ago with 33 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 

    It’s the rhythm of our depth
    layered in breath & stars
    gazing to the west 
    we wait for day 
    to set 
    into the orbit 
    of a prophetic moon
    our dreams meet skies
    that turn to dust so soon
    we take comfort in the flumes
    of night - despite 
    the darkness trails 
    as our moment hails

    — 2 weeks ago with 18 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 

    We are now
    the beginning
    of it all

    an era
    a sunrise
    a life

    aligning - perfectly
    like the sun and moon
    dancing in tandem
    during an eclipse

    lightness and darkness

    a single spectrum
    in the midst
    of day and night
    from our glorious will

    — 3 weeks ago with 20 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 


    She peels her clementine
    in one long stretch of rind
    resembling an island
    from an ancient archipelago,
    coating her fingertips
    in the taste of Grand Marnier
    and marmalade,
    as she patiently waits
    for the Sun to pour
    her greatness
    into the placid sea
    — unwavering
    in its fluid

    — 1 month ago with 54 notes

    A root
    a heart
    a mind
    emerging inside

    in utero

    the ebb and flow of night
    and divides into stars
    wielding a magnificent light

    a breath

    exhaling the inception 
    of a new dream
    how innate
    and beautifully foreign
    it seems 
    to be at the heart of creation
    to giveth 
    and even taketh away

    a body
    a soul
    a self

    the nature
    of a new moon
    in the cosmos
    on the eve
    of the first night

    with baited breath
    we wait
    for a glimpse
    a hope
    of this new life

    — 1 month ago with 16 notes
    #poetry  #free verse  #spilled ink  #creative writing  #poets on tumblr 


    burlesque trees
    tracing sultry silhouettes
    limbs swaying in time
    to sunset chants
    we summon
    the day to fall to night
    a full moon rise
    like a pearl
    from her bare skin
    the sky begins
    to disappear
    — completely
    behind a cloak
    of stars

    — 1 month ago with 60 notes